Sergio Suarez, MBA

    Design Strategist.

    Hip Hop Artist + Dancer + Choreographer.

    Event Production + Experience + Marketing.





  • The PowerSerge

    Artist + Visionary + Mover + Shaker


    As a Bay Area Hip Hop Pioneer and Professional Break-Dancer, Sergio Suarez has had the unique experience to perform and compete on some of the world's biggest stages. As much as his: talents, dance skills and overall knowledge of the Urban Arts is attributed to his success, it is his understanding of Marketing and self-promotion from his above experiences that separates Sergio's artistry from the rest of the pack.

  • Education 

    Ohlone College


    Liberal Arts

    California State University East Bay


    Theater & Dance

    California College of the Arts


    Design Strategy

    California State University East Bay

    Ed. D

    Educational Leadership in Social Justice - Candidate

  • Awards + Commissions

    Alameda County Arts Leadership Award Recipient - 2016

    This annual program enables the Alameda County Arts Commission to recognize five individuals, one from each of the five districts of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, for their outstanding achievements and contributions impacting the arts community and the residents of Alameda County. Award recipients will be presented to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors by the Arts Commission.

    Alameda County Arts Commission || District II

    • Arts Commissioner
    • Executive Committee
  • All The Way Live Foundation | 501(c)3

    Executive Director

    All The Way Live Taiwan | National B-boy Day


    Conceptualized the overall project and designed both post-video marketing and media production strategies, while creating and capturing a narrative that meets the organizations Mission Statement and bringing global awareness to Taiwanese youth living with disabilities.

    All The Way Live El Salvador | Leaving a Thumbprint


    Project Managed the video-capturing of key individuals/artists while designing a dialogue that depicts the struggles yet showcases the talents of local Apopa (El Salvador) Youth. Also secured the safety of the production team by working with local authorities and government.

    All The Way Live Nepal | "I promise to make my dreams come true"


    As a Director I managed the day-to-day operations of both the talent and media teams. The goals were to capture the interactions between youth and talent while showcasing the beautiful Nepalese landscape.

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