• Sergio Suarez, MBA

    Award Winning Community Activist & Organizer


  • The PowerSerge

    Academic Equity and Inclusivity Professional | Hip Hop Practitioner and Educator

    My Story

    As a son of immigrants I have experienced first hand the effects of institutional assimilation attached to societal frameworks and ideologies geared to oppress and marginalize people of color. For the past 15 years now I have dedicated my life in mentoring, educating and empowering our youth of color to begin both navigating and unpacking patriarchal white-hegemonic institutional ideologies. I have also worked with many local institutions, organizations, and public offices to establish equitable and inclusionary practices in order to better serve communities experiencing poverty and discrimination.


    Alongside my vigerous community work I am the Executive Director of "All The Way Live Foundation;" an award winning humanitarian organization that utilizes Hip Hop Culture as a means to heal, empower and educate disenfranchised communities both locally and across the world.


    I look forward to continuing my journey as a Social Justice advocate and a community leader in both education and community. My goal for this space is to share my experiences with Equity, Inclusivity, and Hip Hop Culture. I am in no way an expert on any of these topics, but am 100% committed to learning and understanding these frameworks thoroughly and earnestly.


    Please feel free to connect with me for any and all inquiries.


  • Media

    Featured guest appearances and interviews

    Critical Sense-Making Sessions w/Revolutionary Rika

    Hip Hop, youth and education

    In episode 4, Revolutionary Rika facilitates a conversation centered on Hip Hop and Education with Educational Leadership for Social Justice Doctoral Candidate, Sergio Suarez, also known on the Hip Hop dance scene as Power Serge. Take a listen as they try to make critical sense of their journeys and how to advocate for the integration of Hip Hop into all core subjects.

    Behind the Dance - Interview

    Inside look into my personal life

    Got the opportunity to share a little bit of my work during this intimate interview with Bay Area's very own "Behind the Dance." An inside look at my work and life behind the floor.

    ARK808 - Podcast Interview

    Decolonizing Pedagogy

    An informative discussion centered around decolonizing pedagogy, and theory within classrooms and curriculums.

    Naive Humbleness - VLOG

    All The Way Live Taiwan Recap

    The wonderful folks from Germany "Naive Humbleness" joined us to spread love, voice and movement with the marginalized indigenous youth of Taiwan.

    Noise of the Broke Boys - Podcast Interview

    Commodification of Hip Hop

    Sat down with Los Angeles based "Noise of the Broke Boys" to discuss race, olympics and Hip Hop Culture. A very informative, honest and challenging conversation on ideologies and views regarding the commercialization and mediatization of Hip Hop Culture.

  • The Blog

    A glimpse into my world of advocacy and research.

    Recognizing that Higher Education Dance programs have taken a stance on who’s cultural movements, codes, and reflexivity's to honor, I wanted to share a short excerpt from my Literature Review that I hope shines some light on these issues. Note: This piece is a work in progress, and do plan on...
    Easily one of the best lectures I have ever experienced. Thank you Professor Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot for your energy and thoughtful words. I share this keynote as a reminder to myself and others to value, view, and make visible those searching for a voice. I hope the content shared by Professor...
    EdD 710: Social and Cultural Foundations of Education The power of distraction Sergio Suarez California State University East Bay Unannounced and unknowingly, students of color struggle to navigate through a system birthed to colonize, oppress and to marginalize. These unfortunate traits are...
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  • The Education

    California State University East Bay

    Ed. D

    Educational Leadership in Social Justice - Candidate (2022)

    California College of the Arts


    Design Strategy

    California State University East Bay


    Theater & Dance

    Ohlone College


    Liberal Arts

  • Awards + Recognitions

    2020 California State University East Bay - 40 Under 40 Award

    Cal State East Bay and the Alumni Association recognizes young alumni who have made significant contributions toward improving and uplifting their communities and beyond.


    The 40 Under 40 award program identifies alumni age 40 or younger who have demonstrated dedication, excellence anddevelopment in their professional, philanthropic and personal endeavors.

    2019 Congressional Recognition | Ro Khanna - Congressmen (CA-17)

    Recognized as a LatinX community leader and organizer by congressmen Ro Khanna for his equitable actions and continuous activism in social justice throughout Alameda County.

    2016 Alameda County Arts Leadership Award Recipient

    This annual program enables the Alameda County Arts Commission to recognize five individuals, one from each of the five districts of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, for their outstanding achievements and contributions impacting the arts community and the residents of Alameda County. Award recipients will be presented to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors by the Arts Commission.

  • All The Way Live Foundation

    Nurturing love and comUNITY 

    All The Way Live Taiwan


    All The Way Live Foundation x B-boy City Projects - A week long collaboration of dancers from around the world geared towards uplifting and educating Taiwanese Aboriginal youth experiencing marginalization and poverty.

    Here's a quick synopsis of the work and empathy carried out by our amazing staff and volunteers in the beautiful Hualien/Taitung regions of Taiwan.

    All The Way Live Nepal | "I promise to make my dreams come true"


    As a Director I managed the day-to-day operations of both the talent and media teams. The goals were to capture the interactions between youth and talent while showcasing the beautiful Nepalese landscape.

    All The Way Live El Salvador | Leaving a Thumbprint


    Project Managed the video-capturing of key individuals/artists while designing a dialogue that depicts the struggles yet showcases the talents of local Apopa (El Salvador) Youth. Also secured the safety of the production team by working with local authorities and government.

    All The Way Live Taiwan | National B-boy Day


    Conceptualized the overall project and designed both post-video marketing and media production strategies, while creating and capturing a narrative that meets the organizations Mission Statement and bringing global awareness to Taiwanese youth living with disabilities.

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